This week, members of West Hills Emergency Services hosted boys and girls from Scout Troop 670, along with members and families of the Kittanning Rotary Club to demonstrate a newly acquired fire safety simulator.  The simulator was purchased through a grant from the Kittanning Rotary Club, and allows the department to teach fire safety with a hands on approach, making it a more memorable experience.  After a lesson by West Hills Emergency Services safety officer Joel Boguslawski, on common household fire hazards, what to do in the event of a fire, and stressing how important it is to “Get out and stay out if you are in a fire,” each child was able to try their hand at extinguishing fires using the simulator and a fire nozzle.  The lessons continued with reminders to ensure that smoke detectors are installed in their homes, and that the batteries are changed twice a year.  Additionally, the importance of carbon monoxide detectors was also explained, and the group learned about the junior fire fighter program at West Hills Emergency Services where they can get involved beginning at age 14.  The evening was just one example of local organizations coming together to provide more opportunities for members of the community; and in this case, working together to promote fire safety.  Through the support of community members, more partnership can be formed.  These organizations are always open to new members, and invite you to check them out.  The Kittanning Rotary Club meets each Monday at noon at the Richard G. Snyder YMCA.